What to do about varicose veins?

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If you are worried about your varicose veins, then you need to look for a medical treatment. If you want to get the proper Varicose Vein Removal Procedure, then it’s necessary for you to talk to any reputed vascular expert. If you are standing for long amount of time, the best option for you to keep moving, because walking is very helpful to reduce the pressure in the leg veins. Many doctors suggest their patients to wear compression stockings to ease the symptoms. An improvement in the Varicose Vein Disease after wearing compression stockings can be a positive sign that vein treatment will be helpful.


Different types of varicose veins

There are many different types of varicose veins, and some of them include –


  • telangiectasia varicose veins – these are also called as spider or thread veins. They are tiny groups of red and blue veins that occasionally emerge on your legs or face. They are not like trunk varicose veins. They are harmless plus they don’t swell beneath the surface of the skin.
  • reticular varicose veins – these types of veins are red and occasionally clustered together in a set-up.
  • trunk varicose veins – these type of veins are knobbly and thick. They are frequently long plus they can look repulsive.

Tests and diagnosis for varicose veins


Diagnosis of venous ailments comprising varicose veins is done by a Varicose Vein Specialist who is trained in the assessment and management of the whole range of venous deficiency. And a careful physical assessment, the finest current practice should comprise an ultrasound assessment of the leg’s venous system to check for reflux and obstruction. Infrequently a more invasive test with the use of a catheter based vaccination of venography (dye) is required to finish the diagnosis.


Plan for intervention for varicose veins

People tend to consider varicose veins as benevolent and cosmetic problem however the impact on lifestyle and level of pain that has been evaluated would recommend that varicose veins treatment related with reflux in the deep or superficial veins benefits from a useful treatment plan like Varicose Vein Removal Surgery. Though, treatment is suggested, there are a number of options that have grown over the years lending uncertainty to the condition. Well, not all treatment procedures are same so they shouldn’t be considered as preferences or alternatives. Treatments must be led by the ultrasound and clinical findings. The significant rule is to reduce the reflux.


Endovascular treatment for varicose veins

In past years, another option has appeared with the use of energy from a radiofequency power generator or laser source to bring a thermal wound to the saphenous vein via a small stab in the lower leg. In the process of Laser Varicose Vein Removal, the doctor use catheter to the joint with the knee or groin and enclose the whole length of the vein with a adulterate local anesthetic solution. Then, the doctor withdraws the device gradually under ultrasound guidance and seals the whole range of the treated vein. Permanent solution of this problem is superb with this technique and recovery is also faster.